Genetic ProtocolTM DNA Kit (cheek swab)​

Genetic Protocol DNA Test Kit 25%
  • Step 1: Genetic ProtocolTM DNA Kit (cheek swab)
  • Step 2: Schedule your video educational consults with Dr. Courtney Hunt
  • Step 3: Purchase kit and consult
  • Step 4: Customer questionnaire to assist us with your educational consult

Genetic ProtocolTM DNA Kit​

Genetic Protocol DNAtm test kit, personalized results report, and video consultations

Two comprehensive educational consultations (60 and 30 minutes) and report to identify, explain, and outline your health plan based on up to 55 scientifically validated genetic SNPs in the following areas: Methylation, Neurotransmitter Processing, Mitochondrial Function, Detoxification, Inflammatory Potential, and Health Precautions.

  • Total: $1695