The Process

What is Genetic Protocol?

Genetic ProtocolTM 15 minute Consultation with Dr. Hunt

Contact us today to see if Genetic ProtocolTM is right for you. For only $75, you and Dr. Hunt will have a 15 minute video conversation how Genetic Protocol can help you. If you decide to purchase one of our Genetic ProtocolTM 55 gene options, the $75 fee will be credited to your final price.*

*The $75 credit does not apply to all packages or options. The $75 will be charged at the time of consultation.

Step 1: Genetic ProtocolTM DNA Kit (cheek swab)

Includes 55 genes in the categories of:

  • Methylation
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Mitochondria
  • Inflammation (external and internal)
  • Detoxification
  • Autophagy
  • Gut Health
  • General Health Precautions

*Please allow 3 weeks to receive your test kit and process the results before your initial educational consult. The 3 week turn around is based on the cheek swab completion and mailing back of the DNA collection on the same day or the next day that the kit arrives at your home.

Step 2: Schedule your video educational consult with Dr. Courtney Hunt

Your package includes one 1 hour video consult and one follow up 30 minute video consult 3 weeks later. The path to optimal through nutrigenetics involves steps that should not be completed all at once as they may be overwhelming to the system. These video sessions are designed to educate you about your unique SNPS and how they are affected by your environment.

You will receive suggested diet changes and Genetic ProtocolTM supplements designed for the specific SNPs as well as specific nutrients you can look for for your genetics. Dr. Hunt will review your goals and point to your specific SNPs that may be preventing you from achieving them. The second 30 minute educational consult will be spent answering questions and adding additional information that you may be ready for as you see improvement.

Step 3: Purchase kit and consult

Genetic ProtocolTM test results are complex and far reaching in terms of your health and wellness. Each report includes a complete list of nutrients needed for your specific SNPS, Genetic ProtocolTM supplements designed for the specific SNPs that may work for the mutations, suggested lifestyle modifications, additional testing to consider with your doctor or healthcare provider, and specific situations that may cause problems in your environment.

Step 4: Customer questionnaire to assist us with your educational consult

Please note our educational nutrigenetic consultations do not replace medical care of your physician. They are not to be considered medical advice and all information should be discussed with your physician before making changes to your healthcare regimen.